Indian community in Japan is growing and it is growing at a faster pace than ever. More and more Indians are considering longer stays in Japan, even taking PR and citizenship. A larger part of the population is working in the white collar industry, especially in the information technology domain supporting many many Japanese and non-Japanese companies. We also have a sizable population of entrepreneurs and blue collar employees working in production plants, restaurants etc. 

While we have a peaceful and safe life in Japan, along with this increase in population, we are seeing increasing cases of information needs, language support needs, and need for support in cases like neighborhood disputes, family disputes and so on. The needs were extraordinary after the massive earthquake in March 2011 when we felt that we did not have an efficient network to offer information and support to fellow Indians on a mass level. Many of us have been thinking and discussing to create a network to connect Indians across all parts of Japan.

Until now, some people in our community volunteered, on an individual level, to support the needy. Some local SNS groups are quite active in densely populated areas like Tokyo and Kanagawa. However, sharing information with and offering support to the people in distant prefectures has been not been easy. The local SNS groups are seen helpful in cases of day-to-day needs. However, these groups haven't proven so effective in personal or emergency situations.

Hence, we have taken this step to form a Japan-wide association of Indians.

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