All Japan Association of Indians (AJAI) aims to

  1. Be the single organization to represent and support all the Indians living in Japan. Be the source of information and support in matters like social, visa, legal, education, medical, business and so on, in times of need. Especially in the cases of legal matters, we have realized that (1) people do not know where/whom to seek help from and (2) there are limitations acting in the individual space. In such cases we have felt a strong need of an organization. The organization will also tie up with lawyers to provide economic and reliable legal advice services.
  2. With regard to the health issues and hospitalization, association will tie up with medical practitioners to provide reliable advice / second opinion. Association will also support in police issues, court cases, death and funeral and so on. The association will tie up with funeral company to provide services at right price and execute the funeral ceremony with some Indian traditions.
  3. Work in tandem with Indian Embassy etc to convey the right message and aid to Indians living in all parts of Japan. Understand practical issues and needs of the Indian community and convey those to the Indian embassy etc. In bigger situations like the earthquake in 2011, we felt the need for assisting Indians in all pockets of Japan. In order to do this, the association will create a pan-Japan network of volunteers and it would liaison with the Indian Embassy and local authorities, collate local information and dissipate right information.
  4. Work in tandem with all the regional Indian communities in Japan to create an effective communication network. AJAI is not an association to replace the functioning of local communities. AJAI will act as a medium to connect to Indians across Japan, across the regional Indian communities. We are also seeing a growing need of cradle services, job introduction services, match making (marriage) services and so on, going ahead, we would also like to consider providing a solution for these needs.
  5. Educate Indians about social and business etiquette in Japan to bridge the gap with their Japanese counterparts. One of the most relevant things while living in Japan would be the building up of harmonious relationships with our Japanese hosts. We have seen increasing number of neighborhood issues due to lack of understanding of etiquette in Japan. Under the new scheme of things, we will create training materials and dissipate them to Indians across Japan so as to create a bare minimal awareness. We also need to investigate the bigger issue of education and cost of education of our kids. There is a need to improve opportunities of under-graduate and graduate level education in Japanese universities for students passing out from international schools Japan.

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