AJAI will have a network of committees to maintain the transparency and fairness in the operations and to realize the full power of the association. The structure of the committees is as follows. All committee members shall always act with the purpose of this association in your mind, fairly towards the well-being of our community in Japan.  Committee members shall not to misuse this association or your position in this association for any personal gains.

There are many organizations related to Indians in Japan say the Tokyo Marathi Mandal or Tamil Sangham and so on. AJAI will request these organizations to elect a member to serve as a representative in AJAI and liaison with AJAI for efficient flow of information and support.

AJAI will nominate regional volunteers of the association in every prefecture of Japan. People requiring information or help from the association, will first contact the representatives in their respective prefectures. The regional representatives will be expected to provide full support against such inquiries through the executive volunteers.

Founding Committee

The founding volunteer committee will consist of 15 members, who will draw the outline and form the basis of functioning of the association. While executive volunteers committee will drive the day to day management of the association, Founder volunteers committee will make sure that the working is within the ideology of the association. The President, two Vice Presidents, one auditor, one Embassy Liaison will be elected through majority votes of the founding committee members.

Every member of the founding committee contributes 25,000 (twenty five thousand) yen as one time non-refundable membership amount. Founding committee membership is perennial as far as the member continues to live in Japan and is active. In case a member leaves Japan for a longer or an unforeseeable duration, or is inactive, or misconducts, the said member can be removed through a majority vote of rest of the founding committee members. In such case a new member can be proposed by any of the existing founding committee members and brought into the founding committee through majority vote of the existing members.

Yogendra Puranik 'Yogi' (Mr) President 理事長 Yogi is a post graduate in Economics from Pune University & Intl Business Management from IIM, Calcutta. Yogi is the City Councilor at Tokyo Edogawa City Council. Yogi is in Japan for around 20 years & is socially active in the Indian & Japanese community. He runs 2 restaurants and one India Culture Center in Tokyo.
Ganesan Hari Narayanan 'Hari' (Mr) Vice President 副理事長 Hari holds a masters degree in Computer Applications. He runs his own IT venture and restaurants and other businesses in Tokyo. Hari is in Japan for around 20 years & is highly active in the Tamil community in Japan. Organizes events in Tokyo.
Sreekumar BA Pillai 'Sreekumar' (Mr) Vice President 副理事長 Sreekumar holds B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He works as Director of Technology Services in Japan for Emerge. Sreekumar also runs a popular restaurant in Tokyo. He is highly active in the Kerala community in Japan.
Bhuwan Tewari 'Bhuwan' (Mr) Auditor 監査役 Bhuwan holds a masters degree in Economics & Management. He is living in Japan for around 20 years and runs his own travel company in Japan. Bhuwan is socially active in the Indian community and is General Secretary of the Uttarakhand Community in Japan.
Abhishek sali 'Abhi' (Mr) Director 理事 Abhishek is a Bachelor of Commerce. He works as SBU Head for a large IT company in Japan. He is living in Japan for around 20 years. He has served as representative for Kawasaki city and as Vice Chairman in Kanagawa Prefectural Committee for Foreigners in past. He is currently serving as Chairman in Kanagawa Prefectural Committee for Foreigners. He is active in many other social activities in Japanese and foreigner's groups.
Anand Vijay 'Anand' (Mr) Director 理事 Anand holds a bachelors degree in Political Science from Delhi University. He lives in Japan for more than 10 years. He runs his own restaurants in Japan. Anand is active in the Jharkand and Bihari community in Tokyo.
Sivaram Pusapati 'Siva' (Mr) Director 理事 Sivaram Pusapati did his Masters in MicroElectronics from IIT Bombay. He is working as a Principal Engineer in a Semiconductor solutions company. He has been living in Japan since 2004. He is an active volunteer for Japan Telugu Samakhya and also for Isha Foundation in Japan. His favorite pastime is to teach children Meditation through Mathematics. He published Vedic Mathematics books and created online courses in English as well as Japanese. He writes blogs, also published a book of his conversations with children in English and Japanese.
Atul Goyal 'Atul' (Mr) Director 理事 Atul is Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. He is living in Japan for around 25 years and runs his own precious metals company. Atul is active in various Indian groups in Japan including Jewelers community.
Rajesh Kumar 'Kumar' (Mr) Director 理事 Kumar holds a Bachelors degree in Insurance. He works in the travel and air ticketing industry and is very well known in the Indian Community in Japan. He is in Japan for around 20 years and is a generous sponsor for many Indian community events.
Srinibas Panda 'Panda' (Mr) Director 理事 Srinibas holds a masters degree in mathematics & Diloma in Computers. He is living in Japan for more than 15 years. Srinibas works with a global IT company as Manager & is active in the Odisha community in Tokyo.
Yasmeen Nigar Sultana 'Yasmeen' (Ms) Director 理事 Yasmeen, Head of School & Founding member of TOKYO BAY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been living in Japan for over 20 years. She is also the Director of Metis Consulting Services, an IT consulting Company in Japan. She is passionate about empowering students towards 21st Century Learning. She desires to contribute to the community in her capacity through the current organization of AJAI.
T Kurinchiselvan 'Kurinchi' (Mr) Director 理事 Kurinchi holds a masters degree in Sociology. He is living in Japan for around 15 years. He runs his own restaurants in Japan. Kurinchi is highly socially active & has been a generous donor for the needy.
Dipankar Biswas 'Dipankar' (Mr) Director 理事 Dipankar is a Bachelors in Engineering and working as a System Engineer for an IT Company in Japan. He is active in the Bengali community in Japan. Dipankar is living in Japan since 2000 and can speak Japanese fluently
Sanjib Chanda 'Sanjib' (Mr) Director 理事 Sanjib holds Bachelors and Masters degree in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He is working in the technology department of a global financial institution. Sanjib is in Japan for around 25 years and is active in the Bengali community in Tokyo.
Daman Preet Singh 'Daman' (Mr) Director 理事 Daman holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. He has been living in Japan since 2012 and works for a large Japanese IT company. He is actively involved in initiatives for bringing together Punjabi community in Tokyo and organizing free online Punjabi classes for kids living in Japan.

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