How to apply Indian newborn child passport Tokyo?

How to apply Indian newborn child passport Tokyo?

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Are you an Indian, who are registered in Japan and have a residence permit? Have you recently became a parent? So you need a passport for your newborn baby right? Therefore, in this post, we will explain, how to get a brand new passport for our newborn daughter. You can apply for newborn child passport directly in Indian embassy Tokyo and by postal mail too. You need to send the completed form with the signature and fee. From the last few years, it’s mandatory to fill the whole application online. Once filing the form you can take print out and send to the embassy.

Registration of birth for the newborn child  Tokyo

When you are applying for a passport, additionally apply for registration too. Moreover, birth registration for a newborn child is necessary to be an Indian citizen. Once registration is done, you can receive birth certificate multiple times from any embassy of India around the world. However, it’s not free service but with some minimal charges to get a copy of the birth certificate. This registration makes sure that you are born as an Indian citizen without holding a passport or birth country. There are already forms on the embassy of India website for all purpose. You can get forms in the embassy of India office itself too.

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