Working Conditions Handbook for Foreigners in Japan

Working Conditions Handbook for Foreigners in Japan

Are your Working Conditions Fair? A Guide for Foreign Workers in Japan.

Japan has a range of laws in place designed to ensure fair working conditions and the health and safety of workers, and which protect workers through compensation etc. in the event they are injured or become sick at work or on the way to work. These laws apply equally to everyone irrespective of nationality. As such, you are entitled by law to receive the same treatment as Japanese workers. This pamphlet provides an introduction to some of the most important aspects of Japan's labor laws. Consultation services are also available to foreign workers, providing free advice on labor issues in a range of languages. If you experience any of the following kinds of problems at a workplace in Japan, please visit your nearest Labour Bureau with Advisors for Foreign Workers or call the Hotline for Working Conditions Consultation Service.

You are not paid your wages - You have been working hard, but you do not receive your wages on pay day. Your boss says that the company does not have the money to pay you at the moment and to wait a little longer, but you are very worried.

You are dismissed out of the blue - Your boss suddenly tells you not to bother showing up for work tomorrow. You will struggle to make ends meet if you lose your job without warning.

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