Email Distribution Service of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan

Email Distribution Service of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan

The Immigration Services Agency of Japan recently announced Email distribution service with "Japan Immigration Services News" to registered email addresses (mobile phones and PCs) in order to deliver news related to procedures for immigration in Japan and daily life support to foreign residents in Japan.

  • This service is available free of charge.
  • You can register with just an email address. You do not need to enter any personal information, such as a name, telephone number, or address.
  • Immigration Services Agency will use your registered email address only to provide this service.
  • This service only delivers information. You cannot reply to the delivered emails.
  • Emails may be delivered late or fail to be delivered depending on the circumstances, such as the email delivery operator's network and phone signals

How to register?

Please click the link below to begin the procedure.

How to change your registered information or cancel your registration?

Please click the link below to begin the procedure.

What type of information will be shared?

(1) Procedures for Immigration
(2) Procedures for Residence

News related to each residence status for foreign residents in Japan, such as guides to the online residence application system and e-Notification system , information for people with specific residency status, and so on.

(3) Residency Support

  • Daily Life Support Information (By Type)
  • Daily Life Support Information (By Language)
  • Other important information
    • Notifications of support information when unexpected events occur , such as information related to COVID-19 or new types of influenza. * COVID-19-related daily life support information is delivered under this category.

(4) Regional Information

News for foreign residents within the jurisdictions of each regional immigration services bureau, including provision of information on regional events and special opening/closing dates and the release of warnings and reference information in case there is a risk of localized damage resulting from typhoons, torrential rains, and other natural disasters.

(5) Immigration Control Policy
  • Notice to those seeking residency as Specified Skilled Worker

    Various news related to specified skilled workers, such as information on orientation meetings and matching events for foreign residents that wish to work as specified skilled workers, information related to examinations for specified skilled workers from abroad, and information on sending-related procedures in various countries.

  • Other New Information

    Other general immigration-related news, such as amendments to laws, system reforms, and public relations events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please click the link below to see answers to questions about what to do if you do not receive the registration confirmation email, how to change your language preference for emails, and other matters.

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