How to obtain COVID vaccine passports ? its application and  Process

How to obtain COVID vaccine passports ? its application and Process

Municipalities across Japan on July 26 started accepting applications for “vaccine passports” from people who are fully inoculated against COVID-19 and hope to travel overseas.

In general, applicants need to apply at service windows at the municipal government office that issued their vaccination vouchers. Some offices are only accepting applications sent through mail.

Travelers with a certificate will face no or eased self-isolation requirement upon arrival at their foreign destination. Five nations currently accept the document, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland. South Korea also accepts Japan's certificate, but requires additional documentation.

What is Vaccine Passport ?

The COVID-19 vaccine certificate (also referred to as “vaccine passports”) will be issued to persons for whom it is required to travel abroad for the immediate future. Please only apply for the vaccination certificate if you are traveling overseas to a country or region where anti-infection measures are relaxed if you show a certificate.

How will Japan’s vaccine passports be used and what kind of information will they contain?

Available in both Japanese and English, the vaccination passports are aimed at helping residents of Japan avoid strict travel restrictions abroad as more nations worldwide introduce similar systems to aid the resumption of business travel and tourism.

A Japanese vaccination passport will include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Type of vaccine
  • Dates of inoculations
  • The municipality where it was issued

Normally, government documents are available only in Japanese, but the information will also be shown in English so that the passports can be used easily outside of Japan, as well. The documents will initially be issued on paper, but the government is considering introducing a digital version at a later date.

How can the document be obtained?

People who have been fully inoculated can apply for vaccine passports at the municipal office where their residency is registered, and they are advised to apply when they plan to travel abroad.

Applicants can apply for vaccine passports in person or by mail, and the government is considering introducing a digital application system at a later date. The documents will be available free of charge, and the government is making arrangements for them to be issued the same day.

The following documents are required for application:
You can post these documents to your ward's certificate issuing office address. You can find more details at below links.

  1. Vaccine passport application form
  2. Passport
  3. Vaccination voucher (if the applicant has lost their vaccine voucher, a document that shows an individual’s My Number or their address can be submitted instead)
  4. Proof of vaccination
  5. A stamped return envelope with your name and address

Vaccine passport application form

Ward Site Link Application Link
Edogawa Click here Excel Click here
PDF Click here
Yokohama Click here PDF Click here
Saitama Click here Excel Click here
Koto Click here PDF Click here

How long it will take to receive the certificate ?

It will take nearly 10 days to receive the certificate

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