Your Resident card - useful information

Your Resident card - useful information

A residence card is a card issued to foreign nationals residing legally in Japan for the mid to long-term who have resident status under the Immigration Control Act (“mid to long-term residents”) when they are granted a residence-related permit, such as landing permission, permission for change of status of residence, and permission for extension of period of stay. Mid to long-term residents carry a residence card while living in Japan, and are included in the Basic Resident Register like Japanese nationals. In addition to a photograph of the bearer (excluding those cards which expire by the 16th birthdays), the residence card contains information such as the bearer’s identity, address, and status of residence. Should any of these details change, the bearer is required to notify the authorities.

Always have your residence card with you when out of your home.

  • The residence card is issued to foreigners who stay in Japan for a long time.
  • You must always carry the residence card.
  • Not keeping a residence card with you is a violation of the law and you may be fined.
  • You must keep a residence card with you, even if you have another identification card, such as a passport or health insurance certificates.

Please show it when you are requested by police or an official from the Immigration Services Agency to present your Residence Card.

Foreigners are obliged to show their residence card when police officers etc. request them to present their residence card.You will be punished if you do not present your residence card in response to a request from a police officer.

Residence cards have a validity period.

  • For person with Status of residence "Permanent resident" / "Class 2 Highly Skilled Professional"
     Older than 16 years of age, the card is valid for 7 years from the date of grant.
     Younger than 16 years of age: till 16th birthday
  • Residents other than "Class 2 Highly Skilled Professional"
     Older than 16 years: Until the expiration date of your stay
     Under 16 years of age (until the expiration date of your stay or your 16th birthday), whichever comes first

If you have lost your Residence Card, immediately apply at the Immigration Services Agency to have it reissued.

To apply for a reissue, you will need a proof of loss (lost certificate, stolen certificate, disaster certificate, etc.), passport, and photo. Ask your local immigration and immigration office in advance.

If you do not apply within 14 day, you may be punished.

Do not lend or transfer your Residence Card.

Do not lend or hand over your residence card if you know it will be misused.
Even if your residence card has expired, you must not lend it. This is a violation of the law and you can be punished or deported.

Address in your residence card

Make sure the address in your residence card is your latest address. In case you move to a different house, please change your address by making a visit to the nearest ward office.

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