Bank in Japan Supporting in English - SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA

Bank in Japan Supporting in English - SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA

SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA was originally Citibank Japan. In 2015, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group acquired Citibank Japan and changed its name to “SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA.” The main service of the bank is almost the same as that of prior Citibank Japan period and operates as a service closer to Western banks than Japanese banks.

For example, passbooks are not issued, and they are focusing on customer support in English, withdraw local currency from ATMs in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, account fees, etc.

The branch offices are only located in major cities, with about 20-30 stores in Japan. However, banking can be done online, and customer support is available in English over the phone. As SMBC Trust Bank PRESTIA is affiliated with Seven-Eleven ATM and SMBC ATM, there is no inconvenience when withdrawing money.

If you are a student, you cannot open an account within six months of arriving in Japan, but if you are working and have a proper place of employment, it seems possible to open an account within six months.


Official Website URL
English SupportBank Teller Support:Japanese / English

Telephone Support:Japanese / English

Online Banking:Japanese / English

Documents for creating an account:Japanese / English

Open an account onlinePossible
Personal seal requirementPersonal seal is not necessary. Signature is accepted.
Required ID to open an accountResidence Card
Days it takes to open an accountDay of applying~2 days
Account can be opened within 6 months of arriving in JapanPossible if you are a company employee.

Not possible if you are a student

Foreign remittance feeOnline banking:3,500 JPY per transaction

Bank teller:7,000 JPY per transaction

*There is some preferential treatment

Account maintenance fee2,000 JPY per month

*There is some preferential treatment

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