Garbage Disposal In Japan - How do I Separate my Trash ?

Garbage Disposal In Japan - How do I Separate my Trash ?

Taking out the trash may not come to mind as one of the more difficult things about adjusting to life in Japan. However, it can be tricky if you aren’t aware that

  1. Japan is fairly strict about the rules for separating your household garbage and
  2. Garbage collection is handled at the municipal level, which means that the guidelines for sorting garbage vary by city and even by ward.

Each of Tokyo’s 23 Wards has its own set of rules for how you should sort and dispose of household trash and the frequency with which each type of garbage is collected.

  • Waste disposal – basic rules

    Do not mix the waste. Sort and dispose the waste according to the type – combustible, non-combustible, cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, large size waste, newspapers / card board etc. Please throw/keep the waste in specified place. Help us keep the waste collection station clean. For large size waste, please collect the key from below office.

    Main categories

    The general rules for separating garbage are straightforward. Household garbage in Japan can be divided into four main categories:

    • Combustible (Burnable)
    • Non-combustible (Non-burnable)
    • Recyclable
    • Large-sized garbage

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