International Schools in Tokyo

International Schools in Tokyo

*Schools are listed in Alphabetic order 


Originally founded in 1902, The American School in Japan consists of 2 campuses, one in Chofu with facilities providing for up to 1650 students from over 47 countries, and an Early Learning Center in Tokyo’s Roppongi district for children aged between 3 and 5 years.

The Chofu campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities including a 570-seat theater, 25m indoor pool, and Creative Arts Design Center equipped with fabrication labs and a robotics lab.

Although located a fair distance from central Tokyo, students are able to get to school with ease via the school’s private buses. Consisting of a fleet of 27 buses stopping at over 200 stops across central Tokyo, over 80% of the school’s students utilize the service. The majority of bus stops are located in the neighborhoods of Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku, Setagaya-ku and Meguro-ku.

Location : Chofu and Roppongi
Grades Chofu: Elementary, Middle and High School
Roppongi: Pre-School


Founded in 1989 as an alternative to the non-British style curriculums in Japan, the school has a strong backbone of traditional British education. Home to more than 1000 students aged 3-18, of over 60 different nationalities, The British School in Tokyo has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality education.

Those of you who are familiar with the British education system will be pleased to hear that the English National Curriculum provides the basis for the school’s education program. Students are able to progress through Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form just as they would in the UK, complete with the highly regarded A Level examinations.

Location : Setagaya and Shibuya 
Grades Setagaya: Year 4 to Year 13
Shibuya: Nursery to Year 3

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo 

GIIS Tokyo is a part of the GIIS network of award winning international schools with proven credentials in the field of education. They are run by the Singapore headquartered non-profit foundation, the Global Indian Foundation (GIF), which has an impressive track record of providing world class education across 8 countries, including US and UAE.
GIIS Tokyo made its humble beginnings with less than 50 students in 2006, and has grown to a strength of 250 students within few years. GIIS Tokyo campus currently focuses on primary and middle school education, with expansion plans to serve interests and needs of students in Japan.

Location: Nishi Kasai, Higashi Kasai

Indian International School (IISJ) in Japan

The School provides a curriculum which includes Western and Indian music along with Indian and foreign languages. By supporting multicultural education, we believe students can build their environmental awareness and learn to respect each other’s cultures. In return, children acquire important social skills evident inside and outside the classroom.

Location : Nishi Ojima


Kawasaki International School (Kawasaki Area)

Kawasaki International School has been contributing to early education of Indian, Japanese and international community in Kawasaki area since 2009. The school, registered with Kawasaki city ward office, complies with the requirements set forth by the city to address the needs of children in their early tender ages with the safety and care they deserve. The school not only caters to kindergarten education but also provides education for primary school children up to 3rd grade with proposed extension to elementary 6th grade. The school was also selected for Japanese NHK program in 2012 for Indian culture exchange.
The school curriculum is developed based on CIE (Cambridge International Examination). It is supplemented by IB (International Baccalaureate) and elective CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). This school also has a bus service and is ideal for people living in and around Kawasaki area.

Location : Kawasaki


Founded in 1940, Keimei Gakuen was the first school in Japan with an education program tailored to the needs of international students returning from overseas. The Christian-based school has approximately 648 students across their pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school courses, with 30% of students having been born in countries outside Japan.

Keimei Gakuen is popular with foreign or cross-cultural parents wishing to nurture the bilingual abilities of their children, and parents of Japanese children who have spent an extended period of time living and studying overseas.

Located on the outskirts of Tokyo, near Hachioji and the Tama river, it takes approximately 1 hour to commute to the school from Shinjuku station.

Location : Akishima City 
Grades Pre-K to Year 12


Kohana International School 

Kohana International School is very popular in Kawasaki area and good reputation.
Kohana International School aims to develop passionate learners who shall embrace internationalism with creative thinking and global values.

Location : Kawasaki


The Montessori School of Tokyo is currently the only school in Japan offering the Montessori educational program for children up to 15 years of age. Primary instruction is given in English, with the opportunity to learn Japanese provided (and encouraged) through both structured lessons and free-play.

Children love the bright and spacious classrooms, and the dedicated art and music rooms allow them to develop their artistic and creative side. Those familiar with Montessori will know building a connection with the natural world is an integral part of the philosophy, and you will be pleased with the beautiful private outdoor playground and garden available to the students.

Location : Minato 
Grades Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School


Nishimachi International School, located in Moto Azabu, is a school of considerable size with a 6-building campus and 3 roof-top play spaces for students. Complete with a private camp for overnight field trips in Gunma Prefecture, the school educates students in the more rural side of life by taking them to plant rice one year, and again a year later to harvest it. With class ski trips in the winter, Nishimachi International School is well suited to parents who want their children to have a varied education of both academic classes and outdoor excursions.

Founded in 1949 by a group of Tokyo mothers who wanted their children to experience a more rounded education with English learning at the forefront, Nishimachi International School has grown from its opening class of 4 students, to over 400 students from over 30 different countries. Following their middle school education at Nishimachi, the majority of students transfer to The American School in Japan or Yokohama International School for high school.

Location : Minato
Grades Kindergarten to Year 9



Founded in 1908, this Catholic girl’s school is located in Shibuya and has over 500 students from 45 countries. Class instruction is in English and Japanese classes of varying levels are available for native speakers, as well as those learning the language as a second language. Students wishing to attend college after graduation will benefit from the school’s Advanced Placement Program which is designed to prepare them for university.

International School of the Sacred Heart is situated on a large campus surrounded by greenery and is fully-equipped with high-quality facilities including, but not limited to, three art studios, two libraries, science laboratories, a fitness gym, and a recording studio. Students are able to participate in a number of fun and interesting clubs such as the Animal Rights Club, Manga Club, Medical Society, Instagram Club, and Nerd Club where they can feel free to express themselves and share their interests with friends.

Location : Shibuya
Grades Kindergarten (Co-ed))
Year 1 - 12 (Girls Only)

Sai Sishya International School 

Sai Sishya International School is just opened from 2017, April and the uniqueness is IB/International Bacaloria.
Bus help to visit any area in around Ojima, Funabori, Nishikasai major area and school fee is reasonable.

Location : Shinozaki



With its beginnings as a quaint Montessori kindergarten in 1962, the founding sisters probably never imagined Seisen International School growing into the over 650 student-strong Catholic girl’s school it is today.

The school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for high school students as well as the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) for students in elementary school. As of 2016, the kindergarten program also became authorized to teach PYP and offers a unique blend of both Montessori and PYP elements. Classes are taught in English, however, students also receive education in Japanese language and culture, beginning from first grade.

In regards to facilities, the school offers everything necessary for a growing mind including three science laboratories (for biology, chemistry, and physics classes), drama and music rooms, a pottery room, media center, information technology room, and much more.

Location : Setagaya 
Grades Kindergarten to Year 12 (Girls Only)



Founded in 1954, St. Mary’s International School is Tokyo’s most prestigious international school for boys, with a population of 900 students of over 50 nationalities. One of the largest international schools in Japan, St. Mary’s nine-acre campus offers world-class facilities. Having been rebuilt in 2010, the ecologically designed, solar-powered facility surpasses even Tokyo’s most stringent building standards.

The school is especially popular for its athletics department which encourages physical fitness, discipline, and team-building through a variety of sports. St. Mary’s students rank at the top of both regional and Japan-wide swimming competitions, and large numbers of students go on to continue their athletic prowess after graduation, including a two-time Olympian swimmer! The wrestling team, known as the St. Mary’s Titans, are famed as the champions of the HS Kanto Plain League.

Location : Setagaya
Grades Kindergarten to Year 12


UIA International School of Tokyo (Formerly Tathva International School)

Choose to be a part of an Indian international school in Japan that gives students relevant academic knowledge and the opportunity to use that knowledge and gain leadership in character development. Intensive courses and the experiences they offer have attracted students mainly from India and staff from native speaking countries.

Location : Kiba

Tokyo Bay International School (TBIS)

Tokyo Bay International School is a progressive school imparting high standards of education from early years to high school thereby empowering students to face the challenges of the 21st Century. TBIS will have fun filled teaching environment with qualified dedicated staff to ensure development of each individual student.  TBIS offer a comprehensive standard-based curriculum to foster the learning and growth of our diverse student body

  • Kindergarten – Montessori Method along with integrated learning approach
  • Graders – Cambridge International Curriculum
  • Fine Arts Academy – A professional unit within the school will offer high quality arts instruction to students 

Location : Kameido


One of the more recently founded international schools on this list, Tokyo International School in Minato-ku prides itself on its digital learning philosophy, with every student and staff member having either an iPad or MacBook to complement their learning process.

Students are guided through the International Baccalaureate “Primary Years” and “Middle Years” program, an internationally esteemed curriculum recognized across the globe. The school provides a strong focus on solving global challenges and understanding the processes of innovation and design in order to better prepare students for life outside of full-time education.

Location : Minato 
Grades Kindergarten to Year 8



Willowbrook International School is an independent preschool located in Minato-ku. Founded in 1998, it has 140 students between 15 months to 5 years of age. The school offers an educational program delivered in English (with Japanese lessons) as well as a dual-lingual program taught in both English and Japanese that sees the students switching between the languages on different days of the week.

Their comprehensive curriculum is divided into five areas, focussing on human values and skills, creativity and imagination, multicultural awareness, fundamental knowledge, and physical development. When they’re not having fun learning in the classrooms, library, art studio or gym room, the children enjoy regular visits to Arisugawa Park, just a short walk away.

Location : Minato
Grades Preschool (15mo - 5yrs)



Although technically not located in Tokyo, Yokohama International school is one of the most highly recommended international schools in Japan — so we just had to add it to our list! Established in 1923, it is the second oldest international school in the world and is attended by 650 students representing over 45 different nationalities.

The school follows the International Baccalaureate program curriculum (PYP, MYP, and DP) from preschool through to elementary, middle, and high school. Also offering Mother Tongue Programs in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Korean, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another school with such a strong sense of community that also supports students in keeping their sense of cultural identity.

Location : Yokohama City
Grades Kindergarten to Year 12


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